Vote expected today

The NCAA Division I Council is expected to vote today in San Antonio whether to allow a third paid assistant coach for baseball, softball and ice hockey. It would essentially eliminate the designation of volunteer coach on each staff and make that position a full-time position.

The expectation is that this will pass. There is another proposal floating around that might eventually allow those sports to add a fourth assistant coach.

Bobby Wernes is Arkansas’ volunteer coach for baseball. My expectation for some time has been that he will be the third assistant for the Razorbacks. The coaches like working with him and I think he has a bright future as a coach.


That would make way too much sense, so I expect it to fail.

If this passes, it would take effect July 1 to allow the teams that choose to add a third assistant an opportunity to budget for the following season. I assume there would also be some coaching searches associated with its passage. Not every team might have a ready-made assistant to promote.

So happy about this!

This sounds really good as well.


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Wow. That’s fantastic news. Should have happened a long time ago.

Baseball has become a rich kid’s sport, with travel ball and private coaching and so forth. If you can pay for all that for 10 years, college tuition at a state school is no biggie, and a lot of them can get academic money anyway, particularly in-state. I never quite understood why baseball had the 25% requirement anyway. No other equivalency sport has a minimum; you have a roster limit and the total number of scholies and the coach can divide them as he sees fit.

Waiting for the announcement of Bobby Wernes as assistant #3 effective July 1 :stopwatch:

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I spoke to coaches from Arkansas’ baseball and softball teams today about this:

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NCAA is going to lose that lawsuit Taylor Smart is in. I can’t believe somebody didn’t speak up and say, this is illegal price fixing and not a good idea. But the small schools are so gung-ho on saving money it probably wouldn’t have mattered. That lawsuit is probably why the vote was successful this time.