Volunteer Assistant Coach Hired

Link: Parry Brought In As Volunteer Assistant Coach

For what it’s worth, we reported last month that Craig took the job. Arkansas waited to announce his hire until Tennessee officially announced Josh Elander, but Craig has been working in Fayetteville for a while. He was helping with the baseball team camps last month.

From reading his resume, it looks like getting into college coaching requires some pretty tough dues. Volunteer jobs. I’m guessing assistants positions at places like Southern Arkansas aren’t high dollar gigs either.

That adds up to several years you might be living on what your wife makes as a school teacher or something. Takes a lot of faith and dedication.

Volunteer jobs are not high dollar gigs anywhere. They need to find other ways of supplementing the pittance that they receive. Usually they give lessons, work at clinics, etc.

Volunteer coaches get their money from the summer camps and from private lessons, as Marty stated. I know this is a good situation for Craig, professionally and financially.