Vols recruiting investigation

Being reported on ESPN that Tennessee is being investigated for football recruiting violations.

Recruiting violations and impermissible benefits to current student-athletes. Looks like it’s all in the football program. Don’t know if it means anything, but their best RB and the DC were "not available " for today’s game. UT reportedly has not self-reported any violations in 2020 per local media.

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Wonder about the timing of this. Would give Tennessee reason to fire Pruitt, and try to hire Freeze.

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Hard to seeing the NCAA move that fast. Unless their compliance people come up with a smoking gun right off the bat, I can’t see anything happening anytime soon.

I’m not sure they would need to see the results of a NCAA investigation. They know the future is murky with Pruitt at best. They might simply use the news of this as another reason to make a change. Especially if they think Freeze or some other coach they want would take the job.

Will say how Tenn came out like they did looks strong.

DEF looks like the feces is about to hit that rotation cylinder in east Tennessee.

Because Freeze has such a squeaky clean reputation with the NCAA?

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At UT they aren’t concerned with image as much as winning. They have been awful for a while. If they think Freeze can win there, they won’t care what others think.

Of course they are concerned about winning, but what makes you think they are not concerned about image? I can’t remember their last football scandal. And in basketball they got rid of Bruce Pearl pretty quick when the stuff hit the fan.

Been living in TN since 98 and my daughter graduated from there (sigh). Cover ups on criminal activity (including sexual assault) is par for Knoxville. One player helped a victim go to the police and was run off the team. Bad stuff.


I think football rules in Knoxville. They would take a PR hit if they thought it would make them competitive in football quickly.

As a side note, I flew into the Knoxville airport Friday afternoon. Saw a little bit of EOE orange, but absolutely no Aggie maroon. You would never have known the Vols had a home game this weekend from walking around the terminal.

Vol orange has been in hiding (for the most part) here in Chattanooga for the past month.

At church today they were hating on Pruitt.

Didn’t something come out years ago about some lady, maybe a sports writer having issues with Peyton Manning that were kept under the hat forcibly. Until she came forward years later.
Don’t recall the issue(s) and if it was substantiated.

It was a trainer. I think. Nothing came of it.

My daughter had a class with Peyton. She never met him but my mom loved Peyton and stayed on my daughter to introduce herself. It was really funny.

If that’s the case, I stand corrected. Thanks.

I’m gonna go with a $2500. fine and no contact with Bangor Middle School for a year.

Gas, that’s funny but probably close to the truth!

Peyton got immaturily risque with the trainer for a couple minutes in the locker room. She didn’t like it and threatened to sue the school and/or Peyton if things were not made right in her eyes (whatever the stipulations were) It’s been awhile so don’t quote me on exact figures but I think I’m close here. Seems like the school may have paid her $75,000 If she would drop the whole thing and she supposedly agreed to that. BUTTTTTTT…about 10 or so years later after Peyton was worth about a quartrillion dollars, the situation resurfaced again.Not sure about the final outcome.