Vols' QB Jarrett Guarantano enters the portal

As a grad transfer. He was the #1 dual threat QB prospect in 2016 out of New Jersey and a 4-star recruit. As I recall, he got benched in midgame of the game at RRS this year. Passed for more than 6,000 yards for EOE in his career. Might transfer or enter the NFL draft, according to his announcement tweet.

Would we take him? Would we want him? I dunno.

Interesting thought. The kid has some talent and has had some great games in his career. He would probably be a hard sell as I don’t think we would take him as a starter. If he would come be a backup, I would take him for sure. I say he goes NFL or changes conferences, if I had to guess.

With the QB room we expect to have next season, I can’t think of a reason we want him. He endured a lot at UT, but he hasn’t been developed much beyond his HS years. Played a lot here because he was the best they had. Sound familiar? He is a great kid however.

Nope we won’t take him, accuracy isn’t very good, and he was hurt on his run in the third quarter against us, landed on the back of his head.

That’s right, I remember that play now. But it looks like the kid who finished up that game, Bailey, is set to be the starter next year. Guarantano is a career 61% passer, 38 TDs to 17 INTs.

Tennessee fans are glad he is finally leaving the program.

He’s had some horrible games. Terrible decisions. But he’s a team guy and supports whoever is playing. In Pruitts first year in Knoxville Jarrett threw a pick and Pruitt got in his face, pulled his face guard and yelled at him way too long. It was a bad, bad look for Pruitt. Made Lou Holtz chewing of players look like a choir boy. I was personally disgusted that he went on and on in front of everyone. Almost makes me wonder if Jarrett played worrying that wold happen again.

I can’t imagine we would want him. But best of luck to he young man.

If Starkel leaves for the NFL, maybe he can be the next rehab project at San Jose State.

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