Vols' Pruitt paid a player's parent

With cash in a Chik-Fil-A bag.

The jokes just write themselves…

Knoxville News Sentinel: Jeremy Pruitt paid Tennessee football parent with cash in Chick-fil-A bag, NOA reveals.

Eat Mor Chikin is something the Vols didn’t do at SC last Saturday


What amazes me is the total lack of good sense handing out cash. It’s happened for years and years but there is typically a very good system that does not implicate the coach. Pruitt was not a smart man.

His wife and their babysitter were part of the cash distribution team as well. UT claims they were deceived by him as their defense to the lack of institutional control allegation. That would have been Phat Phil’s area of responsibility. Yet UT allowed him to retire, paid his salary through May 2021 and coughed up what amounted to a buyout after his retirement. Who has really deceived who here? All of this was a covered pretty well in the Knoxville news today after obtaining UT’s 108 page response to the letter of allegations.

Not the first time Phat Phil has been involved in some cheating.