Vols missed replay oppty on Moore pickoff on first (8th inning)

Just prior to C. Smith’s two run jack that essentially ended the Championship game, Robert Moore was on first after a fielder’s choice at second scored our 5th run.

If you will recall, the Vols threw over to first several times to keep him from running, and most of those plays were pretty close.

In fact, I saw while watching the replay just a bit ago, they actually got him on the first such throw. In real time (I was watching on a big screen at a sports bar with some Hog friends), I thought the play was very close, and I expected it to be reviewed. However, they did not and the game went on. I thought that was odd, but didn’t really notice what had happened until I watched the replay.

For one thing, their 1st baseman caught the ball and put it on Moore’s head BEFORE Moore touched first base. On replay it was pretty clear; close, but he should have been out. However, their pitcher, for some reason, threw back over to first pretty shortly after that play, before Vitello had time to request a review. I think that - similar to football - once a “play” has taken place after something you might want to have reviewed, you lose the option to have it reviewed. So play went on.

Turned out to be a huge play (and non-review) in the game, because it would have ended the inning.
As it was, Cullen Smith homered with Moore on to ice the game.

Karma. They are still way in the hole for all their cheating.
Seeing how the game ended, I would say it was meant to be. Enjoy the reality of serendipity when life smiles on you.
A real wizard would nod and smile and say, YES!

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I watched the replay 20 times. It was close, really close, but I didn’t see a replay that clearly showed the tag applied before Moore’s finger touched the bag. It’s a great point that UT didn’t call for a replay, or couldn’t, but I didn’t see an over-rule call.

Prior to the Moore pick off play, Didn’t Tenn already have 1 replay request and lost that one.
I think that’s all you get if you lose the 1st replay request.

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