Vols are Laughing

Were we that emotionally drained from the effort and then the loss at Bama or is this Vol team good enough to slap us around and laugh at us? Sad and very disappointed.

Probably a little of both.

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Laugh at the Vols when they get beat in the 2nd round. But the Hogs aren’t good and all the big talk about 5 stars won’t convince me otherwise. Mediocre team with glaring gaps in skill.

As we know the star system is flawed. Doesn’t tell you the hole picture of a player. With AB all we saw or cared about was his height. Didn’t notice his awkward shot, lack of speed or decision making. I got caught up in all the hype just like most. Muss has admitted he made mistakes in this class. Hopefully he will find the right mix of youth and experience in the portal to turn around next season.

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Yeah, AB is absolutely terrible :joy:. He’s not perfect at all. Sometimes he has a bad possession, or even a bad game. Shame on him, when I played basketball that never happened to me. But then expectations were low, I am not tall so I was never overrated. You’re right as rain, those NBA scouts must have no idea what they’re talking about.


I don’t think they are laughing at all. They’ve likely lost ZZ for several games which may bring what could have been a very good season to an end. Similar to our injury woes. They also have another really good player who is out. They are suffering a what could have been season as well. I don’t think they are laughing at all. I think they are frustrated as we are.

Oh, my goodness. Any negative comments, no matter how mild, brings the crazies out swinging. Desperately wanting to play the white knight riding to the rescue the poor helpless, defenseless future millionaire. If you think my comments are tough, just wait til AB, Smith, Walsh, and Council face some real negativity about their games at the NBA combine.

Yep, I’m crazy all right. But don’t feel all proud of yourself, my wife discovered that first.

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