Volleyball bracketology

We don’t talk much about VB but the Hogs are decent this year (5-2 in the SEC, 14-4 overall). Currently tied for fourth in the SEC. The volleyball writer at NCAA.com , has done a mock bracket and has six SEC teams in the field, but Arkansas isn’t one of them. She has Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Ole Miss, SoCar and TAM (we lost twice to EOE, beat Ole Miss). Play Kentucky twice this weekend at Lexington, so a win there might get noticed. UK is the defending NC and she has them as the 5 seed in her bracket.

They would have made the normal bracket last year, but the field was compressed because of covid and they were among the last teams out.

That is a sport I love to watch. Have been waiting for Arkansas to get relevant.

I watch as much as I can at the Olympics every 4 years. I know if I were set to receive some of those spikes I would 100% get out of the way. :rofl:

tomorrow night will set the SEC soccer standings for the West. We are tied with Aubbie and actually OM at 9 points and the Aubbie vs us winner has the almost guaranteed #1 seed in the West. Yes, Aubbie is good and on a roll while playing at home. Im not sure where we set with injuries but a little more time to heal would do us good in Orange Beach. Hard to believe that we are in a must win situation for seeding given our consecutive win streak, but we are.

I really like the game of volleyball. I enjoy watching men and women playing the game. It’s one of my favorite Olympic sports.

Not quite, Ray. If we lose to Aubie but beat Moo U and LSU, we’ll finish with 15 points in the division. Aubie plays at OM Sunday. If Aubie beats us and Bama in its last game, but loses to OM, they’ll also have 15 points. If OM beats Aubie and Moo U, they’ll also have 15 points. I don’t know what the tiebreaker is, but I bet going 9-1 in the league to 7-3 for Auburn, and having head to head over OM, would do it.

Then there’s the possibility of somebody actually tying a match, no decision after 20 minutes of OT. There have been been a couple of ties in the SEC this year and more than that in the ACC, which could affect the point total.

Beating Auburn would just about wrap it up though. We’d have head to head over both of them and have to lose or tie to both Moo U and LSU to blow it

we would need help if Aubbie beats us and holds form, cause they are playing great team soccer right now. At G, they hold an edge. Hopefully we get back some rested and healthy Podjolis, as is usual we are faster than Aubbie and attack harder than them… Think Everton and then draw some counterattack parallels to Aubbie. We are the most attractive national team in the conference but Aubbie is hot and plays smart. We have the win over OM, so tie would go to us, but if Aubbie wins and points in the West end up equal then we are #2. I think we have to get the first goal and play a better midfield than we did at Vandy.

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