Vol garbage bites them in butt with recruit's dad


Send him to Arkansas. we know how to actually win and have class!


Don’t know anything about his son, but he might just give us a look.

Reading the replies to the tweet in OP is instructive. Tennessee fans are just bizarre.

Yeah, I’m thinking just maybe that’s a troll account.


Lessons learned!! :wink:

I kinda doubt the authenticity of the claim, but it’s still fun to see.

I think you’re right. Mr. Dennis doesn’t have a lot of followers.

“Toby” has an account too, and has one tweet talking about the “hundreds” of hours of community service he did last month, another talking about his pre-emptive Tommy John surgery done at the age of six, and yet another where he discusses what he and his family are looking for in a potential mate since he apparently is so fabulous.

I wondered when I first saw the tweet replying to Tennessee since it seemed like such an off thing to do. Congrats to the troll, I guess.

The NCAA and CWS can’t invite recruits to Omaha.

If you’re going to be a troll, be a good one.


Boom Richard!

It’s 100% a fake account.

My first thought was that it was a troll account, and my second thought was that if it was legit I didn’t want that dad anywhere near our program.


Fake account…fake fur coat for HR’s… fake ballpark… fake HR totals… real jackass program.

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Tennessee will be good again next year. I am confident of that given what I’ve seen last two seasons.

Yes they will have incredible pitching coming back. They will still be very good on offense just picked up probably the number one transfer portal guy in the country from Kansas,SS who hit about 400 this year

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