Vol fans grumbling…

Living in this orange world of Chattanooga gives me a lot of opportunities to hear what’s on the mind of the orange faithful. Getting texts and in conversations folks are unhappy with the sportsmanship (or lack of) by the baseball Vols. Granted the folks I typically hear from and talk to are old (like me). Got a text this morning from a dear friend who is a huge Vol fan. This is the text: ‘Congrats to the Hawgs. If the Vols don’t learn some sportsmanship I don’t care if they win another game. They are a disgrace to a program that produced Pat Summit and Coach Barnes”. In general baseball is still an afterthought to Vol nation behind football, mens basketball and womens basketball.

No Vol fan I’ve talked too is happy with the shenanigans of the team. Not saying Tony is on the hot seat. Not at all. Winning covers up a lot of stuff. We’ve seen that with CBP. So glad we have DVH and crew.


Until the recent uptick in baseball, the Vol fans around my town, didn’t even acknowledge baseball. Around the time of the SEC tournament, it is all they wanted to talk about. “What happened to your Hogs?” was what I would be greeted with. If asked now, which I won’t be, the answer would be Omaha.

They are really desperate to be relevant, but seems that both Barnes and Vitello have only whetted an insatiable appetite, setting the table but burning dinner. I guess I should take their put downs of Arkansas and superiority complex as evidence of them being threatened. I remind some
it took an injection of Razorback baseball to change their fortunes.


I made the comment the other day that I think Tony realized deep down he had let it go too far but this was this groups last go round and he just kind of let it slide a little further than he probably wanted. I think they will always be a little bit overconfident lol but I’ll be surprised if he does not learn from this and change things a little bit.

Tony needs to decide if he is just another two bit baseball coach with a some skills or a solid leader like DVH. The recruiting and wins are important but the program’s heritage comes from leadership that respects and amplifies the college or university.


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