Vitriol aimed at Jeff Long

I agree with the premise of this thread.

I get that people want someone to blame and hindsight is 20-20, but the Bielema hire was a big get at the time. Long has done a really nice job modernizing the the department and they’re in great shape financially.

I would agree to a game in Little Rock if stadium improved…and on condition that the state newspaper stop demeaning the U by referring to the state U by city as if it’s a community college.

This is a great summation and accurately describes why it’s a mistake for anyone to claim the GSD is a no-brainer.

There is a lot of nuance involved, and as Clay pointed out, $ isn’t the only consideration.

There are human elements. Regardless of what people suggest, the program has, for decades, been immensely successful in terms of keeping most of the in-state talent.

There have been plenty of high-profile misses, but some of those have gone to play for pay.

One of the reasons we have been able to keep that stronghold is that it’s the state’s program.

Maybe it’s just that I live in NEA, again, but it seems like that stronghold has weakened some in the last decade or so.

I’ve seen kids go elsewhere and never really consider us. Some of that has been because Bama came calling. But, I can’t help but wonder if some of it is that we are divided.

I have cautioned some of my good friends from Nwa that their air of superiority over LR and some of the other areas of the state is counterproductive.

We have enough disadvantages to overcome without creating more.

Firing Ling would be a big mistake. My guess is he feels the heat and will jump elsewhere in coming years.

He will have plenty of options. And, none of them will give one wit about an absolutely moronic soft drink controversy that was not his decision, anyway.

Excellent points about playing in LR. Pulling out will have negative consequences that will manifest themselves gradually but steadily over time.

Good post. I’m loving this dialog. Well I’m also a U of A grad, lived in Arkansas all of my 73 years but I don’t consider myself an Arkansan. I much prefer the word Arkansawyer (I use it and don’t give a rip about what the grammar experts think). I have strong feelings about Houston Nutt. The Nutt Case caused all the problems that led to his leaving. Plus, he made suckers out of Arkansas when they gave him $3 million after he resigned. The next day he accepted a job at Ole Miss. As I recall, Ole Miss paid him $6 million to leave. Come to think of it, I may be a Nutt Job fan. Your prevalent use of the term “good ole boy” says something. I think I know what it is but I will leave it unsaid. I just want an AD that knows the SEC and wants to provide the average fan with a decent football program and opportunities to enjoy the Razorbacks at a reasonable cost. I give Long credit for hiring Mike Anderson but he was ready to be a Razorback and it was a painfully obvious choice. As for some of the other high profile coaches of the baseball and track programs, they were already in place. I hope every day that Long doesn’t mess up the baseball program.

Let’s not get all nice and classy and ruin a good tussle. I like your post too as it is carefully crafted and only occasionally misguided. I am allowed to make fun of “good ole boys” because I ‘are one too’ and know them well. We prefer people “like us” and distrust “more of those carpet bagging yankees coming down here and telling us what to do.” I have Republican in-laws in Upstate New York who I teased unmercifully when we sent Hillary back up there as a reverse carpet-bagger to straighten things out for them as their Senator. But Long has, overall, done a good job. Is he perfect? No, but who is or was? Jesus for sure. But even Frank messed up occasionally. Meddling with and running off Hatfield tops his list in my humble opinion. But Long, like Frank, has done more good than bad and I don’t think we can afford to dump him without hurting the UofA nationally. If this next hire doesn’t succeed, we are on the verge of becoming the school where great head coaches go to fail. CBB succeeded at Wisconsin and failed at Arkansas. Could that be more Arkansas’ fault than CBB’s? Petrino flamed out. Nutt fizzled out. National Championship coach Danny Ford could not make it work. Native son Kenny Hatfield bailed out. Lou Holtz got kicked out. Let’s not add to our “coaching graveyard reputation since Frank’s heyday” by becoming the place “where nationally recognized top AD’s are tossed out too.” JMVVVVVVVHO

As I stated in another thread, I don’t get the Long animosity. The athletic dept outside of the football team’s wins and losses is in great shape. As far as the GSD, there would be no debate if the facility was up to par. Do something about it and the games will be played there. If some people with resources want games in LR as earlier posted, then they should put their money where there mouth is and update WMS. All talk and no action from my perspective.