How is he still doing games? Does anyone really like listening to him leading cheers for the blue bloods and yelling the entire game.

My ears!!!

What he said

Dear God please don’t make me have to listen to him in our game.


It’s really bad. Tess actually set him straight when he was cheering for UK and talking about how the TV ppl were nervous and wanted him to when.

Then he kept going on about how great Pelphrey is before this–his first of I am sure what will be many Duke non sequiturs:

“Fox is so good. I bet Jay Williams loved him since he was such a good guard at Duke”

Now Calipari is on telling us how he is such a smart, hard nosed coach.

I’ll take Dickie V over him.

But prefer neither…

And thus I have the radio on, ready to listen to Chuck. I really don’t care if the TV and the radio don’t sync. I just don’t want to listen to Dukie V.

After DV made that comment about Network Broadcasters getting nervous, Tess did all he could to change the subject.

Who would like to hear a Dickie V and Bill Walton called game?

It would be the first game in history to not even mention anything that’s happening in the game lol. I must admit though, I love both of them they are legends. Bill Walton always gives me a good laugh. And Dickie V just gets me pumped for no reason baby!