Visit lists

Would you consider that a bad thing RD? Seems like kids would want to come to this game. You did say official so I could just be totally missing some aspect of how visits work here.

Not really. They’re pretty much done with the '23 class.

I think the portal is the focus now.

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Added six more footballers for the Bama list.

top 20 prospect and 4-star QB DJ Lagway will be at the Bama game.

Any word on Holland?

Not yet.

Told 4-star WR Der’lon Miller will also be at the Bama game.

Taking QB Michael Hawkins off the list. Looks like he’ll be at the LSU or Ole Miss game.

I thought Allen had their Homecoming game this weekend and that was why he couldn’t make it, lol.

You have Walker White listed as a QB visiting for the Cincinatti game but as a WR visiting for the Bama Game. Is that a typo or are they recruiting him for both positions?

Definitely QB . Corrected it.

He mentioned last week he was trying to come. Obviously not now.

Moved '25 TE Davion Mitchell, 6-4, 230 of Allen, Texas from Bama game to LSU game.

Something could go down with a recruit on Saturday that could fire up the fans. I’m not talking about a commitment but if it happens the fans will love it.

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