Virginia Tech vs. UNC as an opponent

Having seen UNC all of this year and Virginia Tech a good bit of this year, I am glad we got Tech in the bowl instead of UNC, I like our chances a lot better against Virginia Tech. Not that it will be easy. They are a pretty solid team and have a running QB. The latter sounds scary, but at least we can focus on that, they don’t have much of a passing attack. UNC, on the other hand, has excellent receivers and a pro style passing QB who has a cannon for an arm and will be a first round draft pick (as a first-year-starter junior). I shudder to think how many passing yards they might have had against us. They had great passing stats against some pretty darn good teams even when they did not have much of a run threat. And although UNC did not have great rushing stats, they have a much better RB than anyone Tech has (Elijah Hood, who was hurt for several games, but is full strength now).

By the way, you can pretty much throw the big Virginia Tech win at UNC out the window. Hood was out hurt. And UNC had no chance passing, as the whole game was played in a driving rainstorm caused by a hurricane. It was a game made to order for plodding Virginia Tech.

Thanks for the report, last night was the 1st time this year I saw VT play, have to admit they looked pretty darn good and gave Clemson a hand full

I’m worried about their TE

I’m worried about a fake punt/jump pass.

Virginia Tech did look pretty good against Clemson, but let’s not forget, Clemson made several ACC teams that are much worse than Virginia Tech look pretty good. For example, Clemson was extremely fortunate to beat NC State.

Thanks for your report on VT. We never saw them play until last night. we knew they have a history of quality football; and last night’s team looked almost every bit as good as Clemson (42-35). What you are saying gives me at least a little hope that we my have an equal chance. Our inconsistent play from one game to another has me worried. I am sure there are many others who share the same feeling. Maybe if the real team show up we may have a chance. Thanks for hopeful encouragement.