Virginia Tech reminds me of Arkansas...

in our better days. They get the most from their talent. Well coached…good defense and special teams. FSU probably had better players, but Virginia Tech pounded them on the scoreboard. They have a great fan base and are perpetually over-achievers. FSU was inept on offense, but good defensively. Willie Taggart has some big shoes to fill.

FSU’s Offensive Line reminded me of another O-line. I will not mention any names. Glad we didn’t open with the Hokies.


Fixed it for ya. :wink:

What has been fascinating to me is to watch how Foster’s defenses have been able to adapt with the times. Look at the coordinators 10-12 years ago and look at the ones now. There were not many who were able to adjust enough to stay in football.

Virginia Tech has had the occasional down year, but Foster’s defenses have continued to be top 10-20 nationally for most of the past decade.

Foster teaches fundamentals and technique. That’s the way you play defense. What you will see if you dive in closely with what Foster does, it was a five DB scheme before anyone else was playing that way. Bobby Allen pointed that out to me years ago when he first arrived at Arkansas and he mentioned that he had a friend who was a good defensive coordinator, Bud Foster. As he explained his scheme it became obvious that he was doing things no one else was doing. It is a little like what Arkansas did under Broyles years ago, when they would look like a 5-2, but it could turn into a slanting six-man front at the snap.

Most can pick up on a defensive alignment pre-snap. Few understand what it might be just after the snap. Is a 4-3 really a 5-2? Or did the safety step in such a way that it was a 5-3? The old monster defense used by Broyles was a 6-2 in most situations.

So it’s not so much that Foster evolved, it’s more that he was ahead of his time. The key to his defense is that he attacks the gaps. And, his players do not break technique. I think he’s also done a good job of finding quick linemen, a little like what Gary Patterson does at TCU. The best DL that Virginia Tech put on the field in the bowl against Arkansas was about 260 pounds. But he made plays. He played with extremely low pads. He was a little like a Tony Cherico in that he was under and past you before you knew it.

foster recruits good players and they play like their hair is on fire,that’s the combination on defense we are looking for and judging by the incoming recruits we are getting talent.

Foster has consistently fielded dominant defenses without 4 & 5 Star talent