Virginia cancels final home football game

After three UVa players were shot to death Sunday, allegedly by a former teammate, and another one wounded. They may also cancel the season finale at Virginia Tech.

No way either team should have to play that game. An excellent decision.

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Horrible for the families and friends. The whole football team and by extension the entire school, has to be negatively impacted by this travesty. Still a gut punch just to think about it.

I think back to the times we had a player die in-season, which best I can remember was Claud Smithey and Garrett Uekman. We played the next game both times. And lost, IIRC.

The Uekman family asked that we play the next game (which was at #1 LSU). Smithey had been in the hospital for more than two weeks before he died; next game was at Texas Tech to decide who went to the Cotton Bowl, and we lost. Nothing I can find about the wishes of the Smithey family at that time.

There was another death from the 1897 season; a player caught pneumonia after a November game at Drury College and died in January 1898

After a tragedy like this, they had no choice. It’s bad enough to have one teammate die during the season, but to have 3 murdered by another teammate (or ex-teammate) is in a whole different category of horror.


Unspeakably tragic. I guess the kid that did it was and is mentally ill. What an evil thing to do.

Wow; I completely disagree. Canceling the game empowers the killer. Have the game, pay a tribute to the innocents; but don’t “celebrate” the bad guy.

Their minds and hearts aren’t into a football game. But I’m not surprised that you give no consideration to that.

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No way are they celebrating the “bad guy”. They are showing respect for the Virginia kids.


If it’s the wishes of the programs & schools, students then respect it. Everybody has their own way to deal with such a horrific tragedy. May God Bless Them All from this point.

There was a similar situation with Mark Lewis, an offensive lineman in the mid to late 70s. A mental case.

Losing a player to natural causes or an accident is one thing but to have a former player murder three players, it’s just different level.

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Off the scale different. The entire population of students and staff at the university were impacted by this nightmare of senselessness, and none more so than the athletes across all their sports.

Another case was Shannon Wright. Mark Smith got elevated to starting position, maybe as freshman. He said many players had a hard time playing that Ole Miss game after Wright’s suicide in 1993.

Was that the game played in Jackson where it ended in a tie? Oscar Gray stopped at the goal line? I was at that game and don’t remember the story on a player committing suicide ? I was young though….

Arkansas lost 19-0 in Jackson.

Must have been 1991… I remember our FB fumbled at the goal line …we could have tied or gone for two

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