‘Violent’ Jonesboro DE picking up interest

So, JHS is the only school with correct weights and heights, while the others, including those from camps, aren’t? I see how this is going to go, you’re correct, and I’m not, haha. I hope he gets 15 P5 offers, I love it when JHS kids succeed.

Joking with ya man. I could say the same with you.You’re right and I’m wrong.

Looking at his body frame, I would say 225 is about right.

Jashaud will visit Memphis this weekend. I’m told Arkansas is very intrigued.

Ole Miss and Miss. St have visited the school since the contact period started Sunday. I expected Arkansas to stop by.

The Bulldogs appear to have strong interest. Just takes that first offer and I expect others to follow.

I’d offer him if it were my decision.

Measurable aside, he’s got “IT”. You can’t coach what I see in him.



this kids film is very good. very quick. any chance he moves to linebacker?

Don’t know, I don’t remember him playing with his hand on the ground as a sophomore, and thought he would play LB this year. I’m not sure he has the foot speed we are wanting at LB. If Caldwell wanted him, that’s good enough for me.

FWIW, Jashaud measured 6’2" 210lbs at the AA combine. He ran a 4.9 40.

Not very good size or speed

But his coach inflates the numbers. Can’t be right.

That’s laser which would equate to 4.7 handheld. He lost some weight after football which isn’t uncommon.

If he doesn’t grow height wise he’ll play LB. If he does, DE.

The kid can play.

Well considering laser is the actual time, I’d say that’s what we should use. That’s what the NFL uses when they make it to the combine. Not saying he can’t play because of it, he just doesn’t have good size or speed, and that’s pretty important in the SEC.

Curious to see the offers he gets as he works into his senior year.

Caldwell knows a little about football. Like to think I can ID a high DI guy and I would label Stewart that.

Starting safety at Bama. What the hell is Saban thinking? http://www.espn.com/college-sports/foot … e-thompson

Starting CB.http://www.espn.com/college-sports/foot … r-mckinney

I’m not arguing that Caldwell can’t evaluate or that it tells the entire story…

I simply said, my very good speed or size, for an SEC Defensive End, pretty hard hard to argue that 6’2 210 and 4.9 is you’re ideal measurables. I’m not ignorant to the fact that he could add size and speed. Simply just saying.

I posted actual measurements from a very respected combine, 15lbs less, you can move the goalposts all you want to, lol. I didn’t say he couldn’t play, I said I didn’t think he’d be a SEC DE, and I wasn’t sure he had the speed to play LB.

When Saban offers, give me a notification.

This kid is a player plain and simple so many people get caught up on the measurables and overlook the heart!this kid wants to be great and I wouldn’t be one bit surprised if he ends up being that I would love to have him on my team!!