‘Violent’ Jonesboro DE picking up interest

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I thought he might end up being a LB, but if Coleman says his speed is 4.7-4.8, then he’s probably not fast enough for big time D-I football. Hopefully he continue to improve and gets his college paid for.

This young man is evidently very strong and quick - don’t know about top-end speed - but I for one hope the Hogs keep a close eye on him. It appears that he has something that you cant teach, the will to stop the person with the football. Period. Would like to see him as a LB…he would blow up some plays!

good looking kid…he plays hard the 40 time is not important b/c he gets in the backfield quick his 5 yd time is probably very quick

I don’t see 6’2" 225lb DE’s playing in the SEC, and I’ve watched him several times, being from Jonesboro.

Do you think he’ll stay at 225? Mataio Soli is 6-3,227 and Zach Williams is 6-4,225-230 and they’re seniors.

Do you think they run 4.8’s?And I’ve seen numerous reports that they both weigh more than that, and both are listed at 6’4". Now, you may say they aren’t that big or tall, but it works the same for all, correct?

No, but he can play LB…

I was surprised he was at DE this year, I figured he would play LB. Anyway, good looking player with a good motor.

You would be surprised what SEC DE’s run in the 40. I would say most are in the 4.7 and up range. Zach’s dad told me 230 recently. Soli might be 230 or even 235.

At the end of the day, if you can make plays, it doesn’t matter if you’re 6-2 or 6-4. If he was 5-11 I would see your point. The kid has a year and half before he attends college and that’s plenty of time to add an inch or two.

Chris Smith is listed at 6-1, 266. http://www.nfl.com/player/chrissmith/2543692/profile

I know how Jonesboro times 40’s, my oldest played there, lol. If he runs a legit 4.7 somewhere and grows that inch or two, then he’ll have the opportunity to play P5 football. The Pointer kid is just as violent and weighs 290ish, but I’d say his height hurt him in recruiting.

I would disagree about Pointer. Like him, but he doesn’t have the punch or the suddenness that Stewart has. Would him being 6-3 help Pointer in his recruitment, sure but Enoch Jackson is 6-0 and he has a very impressive offer list despite being undersize.

FWIW, Junior Soli just told me Mataio weighs 225.

Good, maybe he can play LB!

Well, he weighs 70lbs more, I suspect Stewart won’t have the same punch weighing more, either.

I see his punch getting better while he gets stronger and bigger.

40 times are useless for anyone who plays on the LOS,their game is 5-10 yd bursts.That kid is 225 now and 2 yrs will be about 250-255 you can’t teach explosivness and burst and this kid explodes off the ball as well as anyone we have comitted right now…I would love to have him b/c he has what you can’t teach. We can put weight on him but the passion he plays with is something you have or you don’t. there is a reason they test you in the 5 and 10 yd shuttle,they want to see your explosion and agility and I bet this kid would score very well in it.

I doubt he weighs 225, but he has a good motor, hopefully he continues to develop.

I think he will draw a lot of offers before he leaves,his burst is exceptional.

Probably just 224.