Vin Ascolese..

Does anybody have any idea what has happened to this young man? I know he never made it to campus, went to College of the Sequoias, and then enrolled in TCU. I know he left TCU before ever playing a game due to the death of his grandfather. He was a heck of a high school football and one of the most hyped recruits I can remember. Hope he is doing well. Our upcoming game with TCU had me thinking about him.

Vin the Blade, Rodney Giles, and Lonnie Davis have opened a restaurant called “Hype”. I suggest you order the Big Talk Burger


There is this about Vin. But I took a quick look at the 2016 roster and did not see his name, so maybe no help in your quest for Vinnie’s whereabouts. … n-ascolese

I found a link that noted he never enrolled at TCU.

Thanks for trying, Baumbastic! There just doesn’t seem to be anything out there about him.

Now now. Leave Lonnie out of this, he was more than hype. You gotta have game to be named 2nd team all Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association Tight End, as Lonnie was in 2006. My cousin Vinnie has always had game on the field but has struggled mightily to find the admissions office.

I get the feeling the struggle was more to find the classroom Monday through Friday.