Villanova looks

Awfully good!

That is one complete team there.

For all those threads that go on forever fretting over whether a kid is as tall as advertised, Villanova’s tallest player was 6-8 (don’t know if that is with or without shoes!). They played big and really rebounded well as a team by effort and blocking out.

It helps that Michigan does not have much size that can battle for rebounds. And Michigan’s biggest guy is not very athletic.

Your obligatory comment about “blocking out” duly noted.

They don’t have much post game that everyone wants Arkansas to have, do they? Their bigs score mostly on jumpers.

They also switch on everything on defense.

Did not mean that as a pot shot at anyone, just an observation about Villanova. They seem to really sell out to rebound as a team to possibly compensate for their lack of a “big”. I have not seen enough of them to see how this style might make them vulnerable to a fast breaking team.

I agree that Michigan was not particularly strong inside, but Villanova fared pretty well against the size of Kansas. Overall a pretty solid team. The only area I wonder about was how easy Michigan drove to the rim on them, not sure if it was a quickness thing or what.