Villanova- 6 RS players

Maybe Jay Wright is onto something, Divencenzo and Bridges both Rs players.

Dante broke his foot I think which is why he redshirted.

Yes, but what about the other 5. It will be interesting to find out what happened with them. No doubt redshirte are rare now unles they are medical redshirt.

Paschall transferred from Fordham after his freshman year. Booth medical redshirted 16-17 with knee inflammation. DiVincenzo medical redshirted after breaking a bone in his foot. Spellman was ruled academic redshirt by NCAA. Bridges was redshirted his freshmen year. Delaney had hip surgery twice and redshirted one of the two years.

Good research… so, Bridges is the only one that Jay Wright redshirted. It is definitely not a strategy.

Based on how the Redshirts played, Looks like Nova will have another great team next year.

Yes. If none of the players turn pro, their Top 10 players will be back. Similar to Arkansas Razorbacks championship team

Bridges and Brunson are both expected to go pro, but Nova will still be really good again.

On their current roster, Nova has Brunson, a McDonalds AA, Spillman, a ESPN Top 25 recruit and Booth a Top 60 recruit per some services.

Nova’s 2018 class is rated #10 with a 5-star PG and two 4-stars. If Brunson does not go pro, Nova will be more than solid next year. But that does not mean they will win big again. Just looking at the last 6 years, they have won 2 NCs but did not make it to second week the other 4 years.

I would have liked our chances this past season with 5th year senior Manny Watkins taking a few minutes from each of our other senior Guards. Might have had a little more in the tank at the end. Not saying it should be something we do a lot, but it seems insane to never use it under any circumstances. Freshman Manny and Freshman Trey really didn’t contribute much. Their older selves sure would have.