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Recs needed for best/cheapest TV subscription package to see and record all Hog FB games. We currently have DirecTV (and must keep it because my wife prefers it) with no sports add-ons.

I had DirectTV and now stream Hulu with Disney+ and Paramount+ added. I get way more than I ever did on DirectTV or Uverse and at a lot less cost. (Including SEC, ACC, Big10, Big12, NFL, etc. channels) There is a learning curve to go through to adjust to the different system but I have not had a problem getting every channel I ever cared about on satelite or cable plus enjoying not having all of the “extra money making channels” that were always thrown in. Uverse claimed over 200 channels in their package but only 3 or 4 dozen were actually channels worth watching. The rest were infomercials, shopping channels, and other crap that we never watched. Good luck with the wife. Tell her change is hard for only old people and she is way too young at heart to have that problem------------then run!

You should be able to see and record all the FB games on DirecTV, assuming you have the ESPN family, except Mo State, which is stream only. It appears it will only be available on ESPN+. You can buy ESPN+ for just one month ($9.95) and then cancel it before the month is up. They record the games and the replay is available on ESPN+ for a period of time, not sure how long.

Oops, that may not be right. I think I remember you live in California. If so you probably don’t get the SEC network with your ESPN channels on Directv. We’ll have several FB games on just the SEC TV channel. You may have to buy, say YOUTube TV for the 3 months ($69 a month) of football season, then cancel. They have free unlimited DVR recording. Hulu may have the same deal, just not sure if they will have All ESPN + SEC channel in your area.

I’m pretty sure the Missouri State game will also be available via SEC Network-Plus this year. So if you have SEC Network, you can log in to the ESPN app through your provider and watch the game.

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