Videos from today's news conferences

I will update this will more soon.

Chad Morris:

John Chavis:

Joe Craddock:

Trumain Carroll:

These are painful to try to watch… pretty sure it’s not my internet connection… anyone else seeing significant pauses?

Yes. Best thing I can figure is pull up the video, get it started, pause it for about five minutes and then re-start it. Depending on length, it may not stop on you again until near the end. Somebody who is more tech savvy can probably give you a better answer.

Watching them from the WHS website instead of via the forums seems to work… who knows.

They have the videos on YouTube. They work well for me on there

Had no problems at all. Well, could have had a little more volume, but that may be my system, and as always, had no idea what was the question. Wish they would address that!

I was able to watch on my Amazon Fire Stick using the WHS video app. If only we could have heard the questions, it would have been perfect. (I know that was not something that WHS could control.)

Again this is an old problem but…we have a new AD and Head Football Coach…are they aware us fans can’t hear the questions at the pressers ?

That issue is low on the football coach’s list of concerns. You might find some favor with the AD, but your best bet is to reach out to the communications and broadcast services departments.