Video working now!


It’s on, but it’s not an impressive broadcast. As best I can tell there are three cameras. One is out of focus and I’m not sure anyone is manning the one behind the plate. The director is a step slow on plays at the bases and throws to first.

I’m sure these are students, but I expected a little better from a world-class film school.

Besides the terrible quality of this broadcast, the scoreboard guy needs to get off the weed and update the score.

embarrasing for a power5 school to have such highschoolish streaming but I like the 3-0 score though.

It just goes to show you what Arkansas and the rest of the SEC has. Don’t take it for granted.

I turned it off and I’m listening to the radio.
I like the old school way. I also like the start. 3-0 is good for the hogs! Scroggins is rolling pretty good. I don’t like the deep counts!

yes we are very blessed to be able to watch such great streaming…Scroggins looks great and we made this guy pay for those walks .loved to see Fletcher drive that ball the other way!