Video vs. Written stories…

In reading the now locked thread below that was mostly about the differences in the old site and this one, one thing briefly discussed that I thought was interesting is video vs. written stories. One guy said that he has never watched a video on this site. That got me thinking.

For me, I MUCH prefer a good story written by a reporter than to watch a video. However, I suspect there is an age factor in play here. I am 53. I think my 25 year old son would prefer the video.

Would I rather watch a video of a coach B press conference or read a story written my Clay or Matt or DD or Jimmy? For me that is easy. Read the story. I realize the down side to that is that I am getting my information “filtered” through the reporter. That said, that is what the reporter is for, in my opinion, take a 30 minute (or whatever) press conference, and tell me the important stuff in something that I can read in 5 minutes or so.

I don’t even want to have a reporter do a “stand up” story on a video. I would rather read it. When I click on news stories on Yahoo (for example) they come up one of three ways. (1) A traditional written news story; (2) a video of a reporter reporting the news in question, but with a traditional written news story right below it (which usually has a little more info in it than the video reporter stated, but sometime is basically a transcript of what the reporter said); or (3) just a video of a reporter telling me things.

Of those 3, I will read #1; I will stop the video on #2 and read the story; on #3, I just click the “x” button and find something else to read.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a good video story after a game that shows highlights. But for an in-depth discussion of the game (or practice, or news conference, etc.) give me a written story every time.

Am I alone in this?

I wont watch a video. If I click on an article and it leads to a video, I close it and move on. I can count on 1 hand the number of videos I have watched on this site and all of them had to do with Being Bret Bielema.

As Greg points out, there is a generational aspect at play. The older people prefer written stories. The younger generation has a short attention span and you have about a minute to convey information to them.

We obviously want to market to both, so our goal is to have elements of both.

Put me in the category of preferring to read rather than watch video. Videos take too long. Mostly X them out. If I have to watch a commercial before the content of the video I click off the entire site. I too am old! Will sometimes watch Bielema press conferences.

I’m in that older generation that prefers the written story. I’ve always hated the sites that autoplay the video. Part of that may date back to times when loading of video significantly degraded the loading of the story itself. That issue still crops up if I’m not on WiFi. I like having the video available, but I want to choose when to watch.

That is a HUGE pet peeve for me too! It they want to make a video available and I can play it if I want to, great! But I HATE it when it plays without me telling it too.

ESPN started doing that several years ago. I would change the settings to not auto play and it would work, for a day or three, then, BOOM. Auto play is back on. Ticks me off!

As as aside, are there things about the old site I liked better? Sure. But I do love this site. I have yet to live in my “perfect house.” There are things I like about my current house that are better than any other house I have ever lived in. Are there things I miss about my old house? You bet. But I am happy with my current house.

Same with this site. Nothing is perfect. I love the info.

Thanks guys. My house is fine–I downsized, trading off my chain saw and wheel barrow for a non-motorized push mower and a postage stamped back yard.

Clay has been super specific that there is no longer script (or something) to support thread view even though we recall recently that thread view is supportable on iphones and ipads. But those are apples and oranges?

I have to say this site is almost boring, and I’ve been here forever as Clay and Jeff know. I click on “new” posts and there may be a few and if they do not originate on Hawg Lounge I will click on those new posts–assuming the topic interests me. My problem with this is that between the OP and fresh poster in any subject, unless you are continually clicking on NEW posts, you don’t know who has commented in that post or how, if they are in a peeing war, or what. So you have to click on new just to find out. And often it ain’t worth reading. I could have skipped it in thread view.

I don’t know of a reason to click on “unread posts” if you are catching everything in “new posts”.

This site is super only in that Clay now has much better content from even more great writers. But after that, so what? It’s boring in comparison to the old board.

Jeff, is this yet another dead horse? Recall I did not originate this thread and the issue is alive with more folks than just me.

Enlighten me… What was do super about the old site?

I prefer the written story as well. I’m not sure where the demographics break on video vs. written but I would venture to guess there are more “mature” people on the paying boards.

As far as the new site, I appreciate the content we have here but I also miss the interaction from other posters we had on the other site. I’m not sure if we need a good motorcycle in the ditch to get some debate going or what. Perhaps a good text scandal or maybe even CBB should hire a high school coach somewhere and Coach Rob Smith can berate him openly. Can’t CBB go hang out in the Hyper or something? Fast forward 4 years - CBB gets hired by Bama - he and Jenn return then dance on our 50 yard line after winning. Perhaps we need some airplanes and banners.

I say all this completely understanding that most of those moments were pretty ugly points in our history but it did bring about some poster interaction. :smiley:

I’m with Greg on this one. I almost never watch video reports, on this site or any other. took one of Andy Staples’ regular features, where he answers questions received on Twitter, and made it video only, and I quit following that – even when I know the topic is something that I’d be interested in his answer. Part of that, though, I think, is that I do a lot of my websurfing at work and blaring out the audio of those video clips is not really appropriate.

Fred, I’d say injecting your board format complaints into this thread isn’t horse beating, but it is thread hijacking.

Put me in the category of the written story. There’s a lot less “insider content” than there used to be. Most articles can be found for free on the front page.

Most likely to skip a video only. I like having both.

I love both.

I love seeing the entire CBB press conference and player interviews. You will see things that reporters have to edit out.

I also enjoy reading our writers. They do a great job of just reporting but also adding to the story.

My problem with videos is I can never tell what the reporter is asking who ever is on the podium , They need to do a better job of getting a quality microphone to the person asking the questions,

I think most can read a story as fast as a video and the story can be edited to be concise. The video seldom has that. And, the video is generally 30 seconds to one minute. Not as much info can be put forth there. I don’t mess with videos either. But I know we need them. I do know I’m likely not to hold still for a video after a game. Matt has asked to do that. But it gets in the way of what my real job is, to sit down and crank out a column that I know will be read.

Prefer written over video anytime. I just don’t watch the videos. At 51 I may now be old school as well. I am the guy who wants the newspaper in his hands.

by planning a video. Rarely have time completely to myself and prefer a quick read over a quick video when I have time to visit the board. I’m 43. Not old, but definitely not young.

I know I’ve hated videos vs. written for a long time. I felt like I could get the story much quicker written vs. video, especially weather forecasts. I quick watching any weather forecasts vs. written.

I’m glad to know I’m in the majority, at least for the replies so far. I don’t watch videos. I’m also with Fred in liking the thread view, where I could easily see what replies were new.

That said, I’d just settle for Scout giving me back my $99.95 that they charged me for a renewal more than three weeks before my subscription was set to expire and which I did cancel. I’m still doing battle with them and with my credit card company.