Video review officials

I have a question. Are video review officials allowed alcohol during the game?

After watching the Liberty Bowl and our basketball game, ya gotta wonder what in the world?

Game managers/controllers.

Never before have refs been purposefully inserted into the narrative of individual football games. Never.

In basketball, no-calls still manage and control everything. Mix in the bad calls and wow.


This is the official statement;

Only during time-outs and halftime are they allowed to sip that alcohol. Hot shots are only allowed in the 2nd half! Here is the list of approved shots!!

Best Tasting Shots

  • Pineapple Upside Down Cake.
  • Kamikaze.
  • Mind Eraser.
  • Green Tea Shot.
  • Alice In Wonderland.
  • Hot Damn.
  • Irish Car Bomb.
  • Afterburner.

What is your favorite?

We actually won the Liberty Bowl twice last night. Once when the phantom targeting call was made and then when we stopped the 2 point conversion.


Video reviews last night made me wanna drink


One of my favorite quotes from Chuck was after the review of the “fumble.” Referring to said review he said: “Why even have it?”

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Chuck hates replay anyway, even when they get it right. Can’t say I blame him. It just inserts another source of errors, and we saw two big ones last night.

I think one improvement would be to make public the audio and/or transcript of the discussions of video reviews.

Egad, they can’t be transparent!

One of the spring start-up leagues in the past few years had this as part of its game broadcasts. Maybe USFL? It was fascinating to listen to the replay official go through the play while speaking to the on-field officials.

Also there is a lot of money riding on these games now with betting…imagine if a blown review causes a team to not cover the spread, etc.

Would have been nice to hear the discussion from Auburn in 2020 with the backwards spike and you could see Jason Autrey’s face that he knew he blew the call…wonder what those discussions were?

All the gambling on sports bothers me. Nothing good can come from it.


It’s going to happen. Casting lots (which is where the word lottery came from) is even referenced in the Bible, including the Roman soldiers who divided up Jesus’ garments. So you can pretend it isn’t there, which we did for decades which led to all kinds of problems (the Black Sox scandal, Kentucky shaved points on hoop games, etc.), or you can legalize it, monitor it and tax the hell out of it.

One thing I did not know until just now: three UK players were charged with shaving points in their 57-53 win over the Hogs in 1950 in Little Rock. The charges were filed in New York, strangely enough; neither Kentucky nor Arkansas had laws against point shaving at that time. As a result of all that, Kentucky had a one-season death penalty in 1952-53, which I did know about.

It even bothers this old man to see Joe Kleine and Matt Jones advertising for casinos on TV.

Yes, gambling is acceptable now days but it causes so many problems.


That did happen in this game. The Razorbacks had the ball on the Kunsaw 15 yd line, with a 15 point lead and 2:30 left. (and would have added at least a FG)

We were favored by 2.5 and did not cover that.

Living in North Carolina, I don’t see those ads, but I do see that Saracen Casino is an official sponsor, with courtside signage, ads on the radio broadcasts, etc.

Correct. Of course the spread was not an issue until we gave up 15 points in less than a minute.

Casino signs also pop up at court side at BWA.

Again, bothersome. Just asking for trouble.

I disagree. The old way was asking for trouble. The casinos/sportsbooks in Vegas and elsewhere are the best friend of the NCAA and the pro leagues in monitoring shady activity. They don’t want games fixed either; it costs them money. And they have sophisticated methods of monitoring betting patterns that tip them off to potential funny business. It’s going to be a lot harder in the future to fix games or induce point shaving. Tim Donaghy probably couldn’t have done what he did in this current climate.

Would it be better if nobody bet on sports? Probably. It would be better if spouses didn’t cheat on each other as well, or nobody used marijuana or any other recreational drug, or any of a myriad of other human failings.

It’s a football game, man, and you should not need any other incentive. However, I must admit that it is not an easy choice of which elixir since our friend from the bluegrass no longer provides us with his expert advice.

Well said, Swine. Gambling is not the problem. Irresponsible people are the problem…

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