VIDEO: Pittman, players recap loss to LSU

Stromberg says there was no game plan at all to help with Perkins, says he was just put in good positions, the same positions he was put in last week! totally blows my mind because he ran through Alabama like water through a strainer last week and he has been making plays all year long… he is an absolute freak and he’s only a freshman, we have a backup in the game and he was simply overwhelmed like a lot of more experienced lineman have been against him.

Sam with his background as OL coach, that just really is mind-blowing to me. It totally killed our offense

Youdaman I do not doubt the comment but I find it strange a player would make this statement in a press conference. Does that also imply they made no second half adjustments on him?

That was the comment in the press conference from him. He said we had no special plan for him we just think he was in good positions was the reasons he was having success… the kids an absolute freak for anybody to handle much less a backup player like we had in there today… he did the exact same thing last week to Alabama pretty much