Video of the last two plays

If you’ll notice, Abmas pushed off like a big dog driving down the sideline. Because he knew no ref would call that. Happily for us, he missed.


I noticed he has a real knack of pushing off to create space. Both Tate and Devo were turning to the refs on numerous occasions last night imploring them to call it.

That push off got him space but if you watch real close he also walked. Gathers in to his shot and then takes two baby steps.

I still can’t believe we gave him that look. When it left his hands I was halfway to my knees.

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I did not notice that during the game. Thanks for posting this.

Obviously, I was worried that Abmas could sink a 40 footer. And, after the shot I noticed the announcers talking about his great move to get an open shot. Well, this video puts a lot of understanding to the definition of “a great move”. Takes some cooperation from the stripes.


He indeed pushed off and walked. And if he had hit it, Cinderella would have advanced. I thought the lower seed usually gets the calls in the tourney…but not last night. I thought we got the raw end multiple times. Tate especially. Though, in fairness, Tate did slightly lower his shoulder into Abmas a couple of times when he scored in the paint, and there was no call. And thank goodness.

It would have been one thing if the calls were bad but equally bad. Last night, the officials called a bunch of weak fouls on us that got ORU into the bonus. I thought when that happened, we wouldn’t be able to close the gap because of how good ORU is at the FT line. But then the officials swallowed their whistles both ways on harder fouls. The first 35 minutes were atrocious, but the last 5 minutes the officials largely let them play.


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