Video of the Hole in One!

I posted this in the thread about the combined golf tournament at the Blessings, but it deserves its own thread.


Wow! I haven’t played gold since 08, 13 years ago. I love to play golf, but physically I can’t.

Did you see that hog roll and disappeared in that hole. I’ve watched that shot several times. Actually that young man will remember that shot the rest of his life. He will be chasing that dream the rest of his life. And it’s a good chance he will never do it again.

Nobody is saying a thing. Well if you love golf you would understand. And eagle is the best I ever did. That kid will be invited back to Arkansas for years. He will be asked to walk us through that shot again, and again.

An incredible achievement. Super rare for sure.

Awesome! I have never had one as much as I played.

He will make more aces. Golfers with that kind of ability don’t just make one.

I don’t play golf. How rare are hole-in-ones? If a good golfer plays twice-a-week for 40 years, how many will he/she get? How long had it been since a Hog golfer made one in a tournament?

There aren’t a terrific number made in college tournaments. They just don’t play that many total rounds in competition.

I’ve made four in my lifetime, although one came on a practice shot when I played several shots. I made one in tournament competition. Two of my aces were on the fly, probably rare.

My dad played a lot of golf, especially late in life. He made one. My older brother plays a lot and he’s made two. Both his sons have made multiple aces.

None of us are of the caliber of Mateo and that’s why I would believe he’ll make several during his lifetime. He’s likely to play professional golf.

My dad played golf for 50 years + He was a good golfer. If he had had a long game, he would have been really good. His game around and on the greens was very good. He never had one. He didn’t have the distance to hit one on a par 4, but of course did for par 3’s. You would think as many rounds as he played, and as good of a short game as he had, he would have hit one.

I suck at golf (gave it up for good 15 or more years ago). I did come within 12 inches or so a time or two, pure luck, not skill.

They are pretty rare.

Probably not as rare as a double eagle, but impressive none the less. :hushed:

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