Video of the first team meeting

… take a look. Chad Morris’ first team meeting

It is interesting that he had everyone sit up and put their feet on the floor before he said anything else. I do believe that he is in control.

Good stuff! Fired me up.

He had the right mix of passion and strength.

Agree. I’m anxious to see how things unfold.


I really like this guy

HDN’esk motivator but with a hard degree

im hopeful - lets see how he does

I will disagree, Bluegrass. HDN was rah, rah. CCM is stern, but energetic. I loved the way he told the team to put both feet on the floor, sit up straight, and put down their drinks.

He has a very long way to go, so we will see what he can accomplish. I am of the opinion that when changing coaches, a complete change is needed. It appears that has happened.

I don’t think we disagree

His delivery is very HDN’esk to me

To me he is HDN with a plan

That is not a put down

The best thing if HDN was his motivational skills - his weakness I thought he never was disciplined to balance himself

This coach looks - sounds balanced

He is a “pirate” aggressive

What I think is needed

But can he deliver?