Video of Hog BB commit Justice Hill at tonight's game

Wow, Justice killed it tonight.

I know it’s really premature, but has he thought of trying to play both sports in college?

Possible but very early.

Justice said Coach B was talking up the idea of him playing football last year. I think like a lot of two-sport athletes it’s something Justice is considering, but a lot of times reality sets in with the demands of playing two sports. I would say we shall see.

If he is going to play both sports, let him eat up a football scholarship. Then play basketball as backup PG from January on. I think that is in play.

Not sure how happy Mike would be about getting his PG in Jan. That’s what you’re mostly likely looking at if he plays football.

I agree. I don’t like it, but if that is what he wants to do, at least Mike has Jalen Harris to run the show for the first couple of years Justice is there.

Football numbers are always tight. BB is not going to give Justice Hill a football scholarship as a favor to Mike. BB would have to really want him and expect him to contribute to give him a ride. Look at the Noland situation with baseball to see how that works out. Noland may be a major league baseball prospect, but he is getting a football scholarship because he is expected to compete at the quarterback position.

So the question becomes does Justice Hill have SEC level football talent? And if he does, is he really interested in playing college football or is it just a fallback in case his basketball dreams stall?

Justice Hill appears to be a very talented athlete, probably too talented for small school Arkansas football teams to contain. But lots of guys who are dominant at the small school level aren’t good enough to play SEC football.

He would likely have to go to some UA football camps next summer to convince the coaching staff that his talents translate to college football before he got a football scholarship offer. You need to know how the guy looks against other talented players, and that is not going to happen playing LR Christian’s schedule.

I suppose it is possible that if Justice wants to explore playing football in college, and still play basketball, he could become a sort of super walk-on for both teams. I’m not sure if I was Fitz Hill I would be real happy to accommodate that option, even if Justice wanted to do it.

I think it likely, assuming Justice has a big year in football, that BB would put him on the roster as a walk-on, and see what happens. Mike would also get another scholarship slot. At some point Justice would have to choose, it’s just too hard to play both well in college, so that would probably be a one year arrangement, with Justice being on scholarship one way or another for his second year on campus. You could even call him a gray/blue/orange/whatever shirt, and publicly state that one way or another he will be a scholarship athlete in his second year.

I don’t see this as a likely outcome, but it does appear to be possible.

Unless the rules have changed, and I don’t think they have, if an athlete plays two sports and one is football they cannot be on scholarship except football. He can’t be on basketball scholarship playing football.

Auburn football DMed Justice today.

Justice Hill will be in NWA this weekend as Little Rock Christian visits Shiloh Christian.

I think he is all basketball when it comes to college.