Video of CSP on Finebaum show...Paul walks it back a little bit!

After being openly critical of the hire earlier this week - to his credit - Finebaum admitted that he “gets it now” after talking to Coach Pittman.

I was wondering how PF was going to handle that.

I knew I Coach Pittman would - with class.

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Yep…Sam is just who he is. You can tell in 2 minutes that he’s sincere and open. What you see is what you get. That plays very well in a world where there’s so many “style over substance” approaches. Many find it refreshing.

Apparently, Paul F. did too.

Wow! Coach Pittman is genuine and humble. I really hope it works for him!

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I love sincerity and humility. CSP has both. If you’re not pulling for this man, take another look and listen . He LOVES the Hogs. And I love that he’s here.

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At least PF flipped the script from his initial reaction to CSP being hired here. In large part to Pittmans responses.
Coach Pittman doesn’t just grow on you over time, he immediately gets your respect on the first encounter with him. Reminds me a lot of a another former AR HC named Broyles.

Man…CSP blew him away. CSP is so freaking down to earth and gracious in everything he talks about. The man just gets it and you can tell why he wins so many families and kids over in recruiting. You can clearly see now why so many coaches want to work with him. I hope I get to meet the man one day soon and I am not sure if I will shake his hand or hug him…might do both!