Video of Coach Neighbors playing w/pep band

Coach Mike Neighbors played with the pep band for last night’s men’s game. How cool is this?

Don’t know what kind guitar player he is, but I am impressed as heck with his coaching and equally so with his school spirit. Great to have somebody who seems to want to be more than just a coach here, but also part of what is happening. Watch his press conferences, I really see a style and approach I find refreshing. The other night they asked him about the last possession and about calling a time out. He said that most of the coaching was done before the game started, so unless he saw different he felt it better to not allow Tennessee the opportunity to set up as well as no reason to stop Ms. Monk’s momentum.

Seems Coaches can get very wrapped up in running the game, when it seems to me the real good coaches have empowered his/her players to function without too much in-game coaching. He also gave me the impression that it would be fun to play on his team, not that there were not high expectations or hard work that goes with it.

Coach Neighbors sat behind me at a baseball game last year and I can tell you he is the most down to earth guy you will find. He is also a sports junkie just like most of us. Really seemed like “one of the guys”.

Can tell why he relates to young kids so well.

Results are hard to come by in WBB in the SEC, but I really feel like he may be the second best coach on campus, behind only DVH.

I think he is a heck of an in-game coach. That Arkansas is 14-5 this season without a true post presence says that. Plus the late-game execution is a reflection of what they practice.

He wants to be at Arkansas. I think he’ll have success here and I don’t think anyone will lure him away because it’s his dream job. It reminds me a little of Dave Van Horn.

I’m going to assume he is a pretty good guitarist or he wouldn’t be out there. Plus that guitar he was playing looked like a Gibson - Les Paul model.

My great niece was playing in a showcase last July in Atlanta. Every big time coach was there. When I spotted Neighbors I went over and introduced myself and told him I was excited he came home. We visited for a few minutes and he was really a nice guy.

He has his eye on my great niece who is only 14 years old. She has an offer already from Murray State and visits lined up with Baylor.

He’s a winner.

I didn’t realize he has had two heart attacks, one at 29 and one at 38. Just read that online now while checking out his wiki, that’s pretty crazy. Apparently his body has trouble breaking down plaque so this could be a recurring thing I assume. Does anyone have insight into that and how his health is now?

Nabes and I ran around in the same group of friends in college and lived together briefly. You won’t meet a nicer, more dynamic guy.