VIDEO: Musselman and Black preview matchup against Oklahoma in Tulsa

I expect Arkansas to be in disarray on Saturday as both players and coaches attempt to adjust to Brazile gone. I expect OU to beat the tar out of us and honestly I’m ok with it. Better to get absolutely thrashed on Saturday than start out 0-3 in conference in late December/early January.

Well, after thoughtful consideration, I decided that I would much prefer that they win against OU and then continue winning (meaning they’d also be 30 in conference in late December/early January). But, maybe that’s just me.

I expect Arkansas to kick some Sooner ass



I want to beat OU, but not expecting it. There will be an adjustment period with Brazile out. Hopefully it will all be sorted when we head to Baton Rouge for our conference opener.

Put down the pipe. We win Saturday going away. The sky is not falling, and we still have a really good team.
Really, man? SMH.


Welp I hope you right

Agree. I believe they are going to come out with their hair on fire Saturday and win this game for Trevon!


We need to come out with an attitude Saturday set the tone from the tip and I think we will be okay but if we come out and score 6-8 points in the first 10 minutes we’re going to get smoked.
We owe these guys from last year.

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We are definitely a better team with TB on it and I wish he was healthy…but we are not bereft of talent and a significantly worse team without him. The loss hurts more emotionally than competitively. We are still in the hunt without him. On past teams this would have been a killer but on this team there is enough depth to absorb the loss.

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