Video: Mitch Petrus goes off on O-line

Mitch is a passionate guy and has credentials as an all-SEC/former NFL player. He didn’t hold back on the Little Rock Fox station tonight. … sas-o-lin/

No way to find fault with that. Shows us some effort and try hard. I thought after they could not get a push of 4" in 11 tries at A&M that pride or shame would take over. Instead, quit has taken over.
Show some care.

How can anybody argue with Petrus? He’s spot on. And I agree with Colorado Hog, too.

Petrus is an example of a great OLineman developed by Mike Markuson. He came to UA as a walk on.

I hope our O Line and the coaches see this

I thought Mitch played fullback at Arkansas?

He walked on as a fullback and developed into an All SEC Lineman, and I think he has a Super Bowl ring.

Correct on all accounts. He was an all-SEC guard in 2007 and played on the Giants’ Super Bowl 46 team.

Not buying the quit part. Being overmatched is more like it.

overmatched by better talent is what is going on here.

quick tidbit: Coach Markuson was actually hired by Bielema and fired I think after the first game of the season. Markuson is go widely thought of as an OL coach he works for Kim Dameron at Eastern Illinois, a I-AA school. Fyi.

The reason Mitch and some of those others were good? Arkansas kids who had passion to be great. Recruiting is the key. Not one Arkansas kid out there on the OL right now. Big problem for us and will be continuing forward.

I love this comment: “I want to see some more try-hards out there.”

I trust someone with Mitch’s experience to be able to identify someone giving max effort. I may not buy it when I hear one of us arm chair QB’s griping about it after the game but I figure someone as qualified as Mitch knows quit when he sees it.