Video: Hog commit Reggie Perry shines at Pangos AA Camp … s-aa-camp/

5* recruit across the board now I would think.

CRAP I hope we can hold on to him. Jeez he is impressive and could take us to the final four.

It’ll be close. I think most services will rate him 20-30 when they update the rankings. He has a chance to move into the teens; I think 247 is the best candidate to do that.

Scout bumped him up to No. 14.

Saw that. Higher than I expected.


#103 4 star - Ethan Henderson
#152 3 star - Isaiah Joe

2873 star - Desi Sills

Will Reggie be our first McD since…I can’t even remember…

Will Reggie be our first McD since…I can’t even remember…
[/quote] was Glendon Alexander a Mickey D AA?

Portis was a McDonald’s AA.

I’m assuming 2873 is a typo? Haha. Will say I did scroll down pretty far on my phone looking for Desi and didn’t find him yesterday.

I wondered how much Isaiah would rise this summer because of how well he’s shot it and how he seems to be continually improving.

Sort of off topic, did the Hawks not do well enough in the early Adidas stages to qualify for the regionals? I know they went 4-4 the first 2 weekends.


Glendon was a Mickey D. Since Glendon, we had Olu Famutinu and Portis as McAAs.