Video from yesterday's practice

Play close attention to the pad level on Cunningham in the very first of the video that’s the best I’ve seen in three years! That’s how you come off the ball flat back!!! Coats will have to learn to get lower all he will get stood up like that or pancake every time in this league… will be very excited if all our guys to can come off the ball bat flat and low!!

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You’ve been consistent about that complaint! Glad you like what you see. Good news

Leverage is so important, if you can get up under the man you have a great chance to block him.

Youdaman, you seem confident run blocking will improve.

Do you recall how often our passes got batted down at LIne of Scrimmage? Will we see improvement there?

Well we don’t have five Cunningham’s up there so we will see,but if you far off the ball low and hard like he was doing that’s obviously being stressed, you have a great chance to be a very good running team.
Yes I see the pass is being batted it downand that should never happen by an interior lineman because they should be taught to fire out low and hard and get their hands of the DL down, hopefully that will be emphasized that will put an end of all the passes batted down inside.tougher to do on the DE because they play so far off the line

We should see Improvement there if only because Franks is 6-6. Just watched some video and his delivery doesn’t make him any shorter (i.e., not sidearm).

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