Video from today's scrimmage

The basketball account tweeted this video out today. Jalen Harris showed some nice moves, Gafford looked great and Reggie Chaney caught a serious body less than a half-minute in:

Looking good. Need to keep putting in the practice time because we need them at top shape to start the year.

Who was the dude on the third play it showed that had a nice drive to the hoop and score? Phillips maybe? Looked nice.

Boy they are really showcasing Harris in these videos, as much as Gafford really. Trying to tell us he is really going to be good? Setting it up that way.

Yep, that’s Phillips, I had to slow it down to make sure. That’s good news to see him out there and attacking the rim, I know when he first came on campus he was still recovering from an injury. I saw a shot of Embery on the sideline in street clothes, so apparently he’s the only one that’s still recovering, and Scottie mentioned last week that he was telling everyone he was 2 weeks away from recovering from his injury.

Chaney at the 22 second mark - Mercy :shock:

I’m not sure about Phillips but I’m hearing Chaney is playing off the charts on both sides of the ball protecting the rim and on offense he able to play low or shoot outside