Video: Frank Broyles, Arkansas Legend

… is online now.

I don’t know Hunter Yuracek, but I like him. I get the feeling he understands what being a Razorback is all about. He has a warmth about him which you can feel and appreciate even sitting here in front of my computer or reading an article in which he is quoted.

Coach Broyles will never be forgotten.

Kudos to Larry Foley. He wrote the script for this movie (documentary, or whatever you want to call it). It was well done. The mark of a good writer is when they can say a lot in just a few words. It was well done and tightly written. Kudos to Scott Bull. He did an awesome job of telling us about an awesome man.

What a great video!!! It was just much too short, but in “show business,” the old saying, “Leave them wanting more,” certainly applies here.

What a fantastic video and tribute to Coach Broyles! I got the chill bumps several times watching it. He did so much for the State of Arkansas, the U of A and us fans. I was truly lucky to have close friends very closely tied to him and was able to have many conversations over the years with him. He ALWAYS had time for the fans. Thanks for posting it!

Great. Just flat out great. Be sure and watch this one several times.

He is the prime reason why we go through this year after year hoping that once again The Razorbacks will play like Razorbacks.

I remember his talks to the students at the Greek Theater. It made each one of us feel like we were special and very much part of the team. He would always give us certain things to do and watch for during the games and we did them because Frank told us to.

I was a great admirer of Frank Broyles. Whether everyone knows it or not, he put Razorback sports on the map and brought them to national prominence. I am 74 years old and consider myself tough as nails but I felt a tear starting to form in the corners of eyes watching that video.

I too got something in my eye as I watched. A lot of kochia blooming around I am sure. think I will watch again and see if it is still in the air. Probably so.