VIDEO: Arkansas, Colgate coaches and players from Tuesday

Just got off Zoom calls with Arkansas and Colgate:

Wouldn’t mess with Muss today.

He does NOT like the bubble.

I told him I’d shoot him some documentary/show recommendations if he has too much spare time on his hands in his room.

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Oh dang. . .Muss is in a mood.

Looks like Colgate wants to play on twitter, I hope we make them regret this.

OMG Muss does not like the broadband situation! I bet he is wearing people out about that.

I bet a screen shot of that will be texted to every player’s phone.

Moderator to Bob Holt … Bob, could you please limit yourself to just one question? :laughing:

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By my count Bob got in 4, there is no such thing as limiting Bob to 1. . you can try but it aint happening.

Dang I’m kinda worried muss might be thrown off his Game since that slow WiFi is limiting his Twitter life so much hope I’m wrong :laughing:

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