Victor Enoh and Arkansas have...

Decided to go their separate ways.

I’m told it is a mutual deal, but I would expect that is what both sides would say whether it is true or not

So is it now Aaron Wheeler, that the staff is looking at?

He’s one of the options they are considering

Dudley in your opinion what happened with Enoh?

I’m not sure

If I find out anything for certain I will get it on here quickly

Would be very content if they would save that scholarship for 2018 if a impact player isn’t identified.

Geez I am so tired of us losing so many recruiting battles. All the schools he had offers from we should have been able to handle. We can’t just keep getting Arkansas kids. We REALLY need some solid post players in the 17 class. Seems like we struggle to land even mid 3 star guys unless they have home state connections.

We have solid depth and skilled post play. I would like to think we are holding scholly for BIGGER post presence, I’m talking Lee Wilson/Dwight Stewart man size in the paint. We supposed to be aiming for banners at this point.

You are assuming that they “lost” the recruiting battle.

And yes you need to add out-of-staters, but when you have such great talent in state, isn’t it nice to land them all?

Five of the the 8 commits in 2017, 2018 and 2019 are all four or five stars (Perry)

Obviously they were at least looking to add a power forward to the mix.

I do not think it is an absolutely necessity, but the right player would be nice.

Why do you think they are not “aiming for banners?”

I know he visited Memphis this past weekend & was planning on heading straight to Fayetteville. Maybe he committed to Tubby on his visit.

No need to get worked up here. The fact that he has not committed to anyone but the visit is cancelled, is a good indication that they have a better choice to go after.

Dudley I know for sure that Mike is aiming for banners. I personally don’t know his recruiting strategy, but I would like to think he is pulling out the stops to get at least one 7 foot defensive beast to replace Kingsley. Would you put Gafford or Enoh in the Kingsley mold? I’m not sure Gafford’s size as a freshman will consistently control the paint, and I think we need a couple bigs that can fill that job.

Will Daniel Gafford be as good as player as a freshman college player as Moses was as a junior college player? No. I don’t think so.

But DG is far -= far - ahead of where Moses was as a high school senior. It’s not even close.

Daniel is a legit 6-11 - has been told he will grow to 7-0 and maybe above - while Moses is a legit 6-9.

Daniel weighs 223 while Moses weighs 230.

When Daniel gets up here and gets in the strength and conditioning program, I expect him to play at 235-240.

With Dustin Thomas, Trey Thompson, Arlando Cook, Gafford and even Adrio Bailey around for 2017-2018, I am not sure another big is so imperative.

Numerically, there is just one recruiting spot left in 2017 so you couldn’t sign two more bigs even if you wanted to do so

And with Perry, Henderson and possibly others coming along in 2018, I think they will be just fine.

I mostly agree with you Dudley. We will have a lot of depth, athleticism, and length. A big part of our inside game will hinge on Thompson coming of age and getting big productivity from his size in the paint, and teaching dan real quick. I would like to see one more elite center to go with our athletic and versatile guards, somewhat out of nostalgia. People forget how fast and big we played when we ruled college basketball. Darnell Robinson, Dwight Stewart, Elmer Martin, Lee Wilson, and Big Nasty. That was huge front court depth. We are going to have a chance to be a great team. I think we need more than a couple 6’8+ 240lb+ intimidators to beat the very best.

You just seem to be really downplaying one of the top 50 players in the country

I agree that it would be nice to add another big one, but I would rather add someone that would be a significant piece to the rotation

I saw where Enoh could be visiting Miss State this weekend instead of us. Could be what happened.

Or maybe Miss State was his Plan B, added after both sides moved on.

Enoh committed to Memphis today. Wow. Go from thinking near lock to gone.

Read. When DD posts something like “how do you know they lost the recruiting battle” it means something, (that he can’t or won’t say) whether that be grade risk or whatever.

Or, you can just keep wailing and gnashing your teeth.