Vic Sutton Highlights:Really hope he's our 2023 QB

6’3 200 QB Vic Sutton Junior Season🎯 - Vic Sutton highlights - Hudl

Incredibly talented kid from Madison Ms(Jackson area,about 90 min from me) who has visited 2 times I believe.He missed last half of season with knee surgery but plays very tough competition and is a stud,further along throwing the ball than KJ was in HS IMO…really need this guy! KJ success has to be appealing to him and our system is perfect for him :crossed_fingers:

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Pocket presence is alot like KJ

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yes indeed,kid can really play! going to keep an eye on him this yr and see how he looks.

really good looking player. has really nice feet in the pocket.

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I’ve not watched his highlights until now, but y’all are right - he looks really, really good. I did some searching on him. Looks like he had a season ending injury in the state quarterfinals. His team went on to win the state championship. Through that quarterfinal game he only had 1600 passing and just over 300 yards rushing. Watching his highlights, that was surprising to me because they looked like a really polished passing attack. It appears that they run a lot.

Yeah he lives about 90 minutes from me and you’re right he plays on a great team that won the state championship without him… He’s already visited a couple of times so he’s obviously very interested in us…

I have relatives that live right there where he does and I’m going to have them keep track of how he’s doing I will try to go watch him play one time this year. I just hope he can play next year because he got hurt in the end of the season, so we will see.


Surely wouldn’t want to face him as our opposing QB.

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Good footwork/arm and excellent pocket presence… it would put another finger in the Mississippi school’s collective eyes.

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