It seems he came in with the furniture at Tennessee.

yuck, I am tired of him. A few years ago, he would’ve tested the waters and played overseas. NIL enabling him to play another year of college (well that and covid).

When Muss gets a few players from Montevideo, we will know that we’ve arrived.


Maybe getting a Balkan transfers from UALR would work just as well. UALR has a good pipeline to Balkan countries.

Vescovi, Quinnerly, Oscar…
The NBA doesn’t want them, just like Edey and Timmy.
So now we get guys who are eligible for SSI still playing college basketball until they are 30.
Good times.


I thought you are the one that wanted players to stay for four years for continuity. COVID added one more year to that. That is happening everywhere except at Arkansas.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Cherokee Rhone is still playing for Centenary I think.


I think Tshiebwe comes back also. Cal needs him to go to get Dickinson and wants him to stay for obvious potential reasons, see Drew Timme.

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