Very worried about fan reaction…

Lifelong Razorback fan here…love ‘em when they win and love ‘em when they lose. I wanted CSP the minute CCM was fired (actually posted what a great hire he would be in an anti-CSP thread). But I’m worried. These next four games could all be losses. In fact, I’d be thrilled to win even one. A 4-3 record after seven games would be fabulous imho. I worry, though, at what the fan reaction will be if we lose all four. It won’t change my mind on CSP one iota, but all bandwagons are loaded with hangers-on. “Brilliant sports minds” that’ll hop off the wagon and turn on a coach and a team in a second when things go bad. Hang on folks, these next four are gonna be brutal. Embrace our growth…keep loving our Hogs. Please.


No doubt you’re right. Had our 3 wins been nail-biters the expectations might be lower. However, by winning easily, especially over TX, and getting into the top 20, the fans are probably already spoiled. I expected 6 wins before the season started, but I’m already thinking 8. Probably dangerous. We face a gauntlet.

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Needless worry. Hogs continue to roll. This is a special season with exceptional players and legendary coaching staff. It shall be a very memorable and cherished season. Enjoy the ride!!
UA…Campus of Champions


I so hope you’re right. What scares me is that I agree with you. So I’m worried about not being worried. Such is the life of a hog fan tasting success again after a long drought.

Not just this, but we’re playing the nation’s #7 team this coming weekend and just about every one posting here thinks the Hogs will win. The Ags field the nation’s top defense after playing 3 easy games, one on the road. But, did you watch their first half against the Lobos - the Ags looked better than Bama.

Confucius say: Always better to not get overly excited or overly down when following favorite football team. What will come to pass will come to pass.

Confucius also say: Hogs extremely competitive in almost every game in the year of Covid. Much better in this year of the Hog. Hog offense will do better against farmer defense than farmer offense will do against Hog defense. It is written.

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In the words of the sage prophet, Bobby McFerrin…“Don’t worry, be happy.” Go Hogs!


I’m amazed at the progress Coach Pitman has made with the Hogs! The 3 wins last season and that very easily could have been 2 or 3 more wins with a little luck or a referee making the right call! Auburn and LSU! The Missouri game our hogs were playing hurt and banged up.
This year our hogs show fight and heart they won’t roll over and have depth.
The start to the season is awesome sitting at 3-0 with this 4 game stretch looks rough and it is but our hogs will be fine. Play the games no matter what the final scores end up or the record we have our hogs back playing hard and physical football! Coach Pitman will get them ready to play and that’s all we can expect. There will be some folks that jump off the bandwagon like always but it won’t be me!
Go Hogs beat A&M!


Well said, Army. Somebody will eventually beat us on the field, but it won’t happen easily. These kids will fight for Sam and for that Hog on their helmets. And that makes me really proud. Go Hogs!

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PitTman. PitTman. PitTman.

CSP and staff have the Hogs able to play a complete game unlike the former coaching staffs !! A&M has not played a team this season as capable as the Hogs have been thus far. I’m not taking anything away from A&M by no means but we do have the ability to play with them on Saturday. I’m not sure how anyone could expect more from CSP to this point, I just want to continue to see improvement each week win or lose. WPS

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Sam was my 1st choice. I think Sam and his staff have changed the thinking of the players in two short years. The transfer portal has been good to him the past two seasons. He found legitimate SEC players who wanted to come here and play for him and the University. He is slowly changing the mood and vibe of the fan base. I don’t know if we ever reach Bama or GA status where you know you’ve got a butt whipping coming when the hogs get off the bus. I fall into the chicken little mindset due to all the heartbreak over the years. Sam is starting to change that as well. I feel like we can compete and have a great shot at winning most games on our schedule. I am Proud of everyone involved with the football program. I think we are in good hands. I just wish Sam had gotten the job sooner or was a little younger. Something tells me when the time comes his replacement may already be on this staff.

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I am not worried about fan reaction. Most Fans know these upcoming 4 games are brutal and we could lose all of them, but that was the old Hogs. This team is better than those Hogs we have seen the last 10 years. They will continue to play hard and our defense and offense are clicking on all cylinders.

The other teams need to be worrying about the Hogs coming after them.

Texas found out about our Hogs. I think we will be at least 5-2 after the next 4 weeks.

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Guys & Gals, The Razorbacks look like the Hogs of old. Tough defense, great line play on both sides of the ball. We have linebackers that will bring the wood along with a battle tested secondary that loves being physical. We actually have a kicking game thats getting better every game. It’s just a pleasure to watch this team represent our state. These guy’s will lay it on the line, win or lose we have their back’s. All we ever asked our team to do is play hard and don’t back down from the best teams in our conference, you do that you give yourself a chance to win. These Pitman razorbacks will do fine. WPS!


I’m with Armyhog!

If we do lose these next four, and I don’t think we will, I will tell myself this; the four losses were not to Colorado State, North Texas, San Jose State or Western Kentucky.


Neutral site game in Denver, aTm had as many fans as CU did, or so it seemed.

Win or lose, I am convinced…We have our team back!!!

This team has some young and veteran talent that has witnessed the same thing we have the last few years… utter Hog embarrassment. When 12 players return with the Covid option, it tells you how much they want to win for the staff, fans and themselves. What happened with Texass is this team wanted to win ten times more than the Horns. Same thing with the Aggies, lost nine in a row… who do you think will be jacked higher? I’ve been on their boards and the fan base thinks we’ll rollover when hit in the mouth. No we won’t. We win Saturday… now, there will be a point where the talent is so much deeper and wider on the other team and we have run out of emotional gas, but not this weekend.

This from one of my all time favorites.

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