Very tough stretch of games coming up (and from here on out)-

As always, there are a lot of good teams in the conference and we are likely to have a couple of bad games - the Hogs are 1000% better than they were a couple of years ago but I think the euphoria from the Texas game has has probably resulted in my being a little too confident in their being in the top tier of conference teams already. Regardless, we now have an SEC team again, one that’s not afraid of the challenge.

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I certainly don’t consider the Hogs in the top tier of SEC teams. I’m just elated that they’re shedding the “bottomfeeder of the SEC” status and seem to be moving firmly into “middle of the pack” status. Of course the next few weeks can change that, in either direction. Hoping it’s in the positive direction.

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I don’t see us winning any of the next 4. Are they all for sure losses? No. UGA is probably the one one that I would say “No chance.”

After that, Auburn looked pretty good last night in a loss @ Penn State. We will see as we get closer, but it doesn’t look good for the good guys.

A&M? We will know soon of course, but that is really the biggest unknown. I would not pick us to win, but I could see any outcome, they blow us out, they beat us in a close game, we beat them in a close game, we blow them out (that being the least likely, but, I didn’t think there was any chane we would blow out Texass either.)

Ole Miss? Don’t see us winning, but it is for sure not impossible.

So, even if we lose the next 4, the season isn’t over. If we win one of them, very nice, Win 2 of them? WOW. Somehow win 3 of the? Pitman is COY!

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I think we beat auburn and ole piss, lose to a tight game to A&M, and not close in Ga.

Not trying to nitpick, nor engage in semantics, but your first sentence was striking to me. (I appreciate your perspective, and agree with the body of your post regarding where we are right now)

I absolutely DO see us winning not just any, but ALL of the next 4. This team is very capable of beating each of these next 4 opponents, and the Georgia game is the only one we’d likely need to play nearly flawless to do it. But I can certainly see us doing it. We have a very capable team.

That’s not to say I’m predicting we WILL win all of the next 4 games, but I can certainly see us doing it.

Before you can have something, you must see yourself as having it. I’m certain these coaches understand that concept and I believe they have instilled that principle in this team.

“Tempering expectations” at this point is understandable, I suppose. But, whenever I personally can’t “see” us being able to beat an opponent, I don’t even bother watching the game (much less going. I mean, why bother, right?)…… and I did a lot of that in 2018 and 2019.

Not now


I certainly am not saying “we can’t win any of the next 4.” I just, looking at each game by itself, at this time, don’t see us winning any one of them. As I said, I think the only one that is almost impossible to win is UGA. The other 3 would I be “shocked” if we won? No. I wasn’t trying to say (my bad, not yours) that the games were so out of reach that a fan shouldn’t watch it.

#7 Aggies, #2 Georgia, #13 Ole Miss and #23 Auburn in a row. Nobody has a schedule like that.

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And three road games.

I think the hogs beat Texas A&M!
Play Georgia close and tough beat can’t muster the offense to win.
I think the defense shows out at Ole Miss and the hogs win.
Auburn won’t get lucky and win on the hill! Hogs win.
3-1 or 2-2 over the next 4 games.

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ole pissy is the hottest team and remembers handing a win on a plater, they do have the hottest qb in the league. Aubbie and the SEC owe us, so I think intangible are in our favor. a$M we have long memories and curses to overcome but is possible with their yet unprove QB is our DL (Im talking to you Ussey) favorite whipping boy and brings the wood. GA is a mystery for lots of reasons and is more talented but not more motivated. Winning one of those 4 would be a major step. GA defense looks impressive, in fact as good as it gets in NCAA right now

My expectations are both elevated and tempered. I’d be very happy taking two of the four; I can live with 1 of the 4; I’ll be disappointed in not winning any.

Win more than 2 and I’ll be over the moon.

We have our work cut out for us for sure,we will have to play our best ball to win against those guys bc they either have Awesome offenses(OM) or Awesome defenses(T am GA) and will challenge us better than anybody we’ve seen so far.

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My gosh, ye of no faith!
As previously stated, this is a special season…enjoy and embrace it. Remove any doubt. Hogs are 3-0 and Go!
UA…Campus of Champions

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I’m starting to expect surprises from this bunch.


Clay I hope your right. They appear to be having fun and playing together.
The offense will need to keep improving.
There are a lot of running backs and receivers playing and making an impact.
On the defense they have been steady.
They know how to win.

We used to own the Aggies. During SWC play, we had a substantial lead in team to team victories. Petrino regularly beat the Aggies. Our bad record against them recently was a direct result of piss poor coaching by Smith, Bielema, and Morris.

I think that the Hogs beat A&M in a close game. Georgia will probably beat us. We outscore Ole Miss and exact revenge and dominate Auburn.

We are a much better team than I thought we would be. The freshman running backs show speed and power. The O-line is much improved. The D-line has been solid against the run and have pressured the quarterback even when using only 3 down linemen. Our linebacker play is very good and our secondary has been generally good.

Our coaches have done a good job. They have reduced the confusion of the previous coaches on all fronts except for our propensity to attract yellow flags. To beat the elite teams, we can not have a bunch of penalties.

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A lot of opportunity there to make a statement that other teams won’t get. We could be the game of the week every week. Excellent opportunity for pub and recruiting.


Dang I hope our young adult football players don’t read this page and certainly not for any encouragement.
We, as adults (some disputed) are to encourage and HELP the guys.
Stand behind them no matter what and TEACH them about some of the issues of life where we should have some experience. Like only looking at ONE game at a time. Stay focused, etc.
But to start whining like little babies when your team is 3 and 0 yet claiming they’ll lose the next four games is totally uncalled for. Who needs enemies when you have (ahem) fans like that!
To claim you can’t talk politics on this page but you sure as hell can badger your own team is PATHETIC PITIFUL and STUPID.

We have more talent on this team than was expected. This team has confidence, much better strength and size and probably much more speed than was expected. Speed is a must have ingredient for success and our team speed means we can consistently play and win against very good teams.

I think we go 2 & 2 and I am picking wins against A&M and Auburn with close losses in between. That requires KJ to continue to improve as a passer and decision maker and no major injury losses & would leave us in the top ten after those four games. JMVVVVVVVHO