Very Thankful for the Masters

I am so glad they are able to play the Masters and the weather has turned out so perfectly, it’s one thing 2020 hasn’t decided to screw up. I always think of my brother who passed away of Liver Cancer in 2016 and I’m so glad we were able to go to a practice round several years before he died. He had a smile on his face from start to end because he was a fanatic golfer who still played golf 3 or 4 times a week all the time he had liver cancer up until the last month of his life.
There were many people told me their life changed watching how he attacked Cancer he was not going to let it Define him, we play golf two times one month before he died and the Masters will always be a very special place to me and I know up in Heaven he is looking down with a big smile on his face,being very thankful that we were able to go to this magical place.


Not a big bucket list guy but being able to go to the 1996 Masters was pretty special. Highly doubt there’s another event in the world that’s run as well as the Masters. Everything first class.

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Nice post Billy. Special memories. I have similar thoughts about going to the Masters with my dad. You brought back those thoughts.


Thanks Clay, it will always be a special memory to me. Everyone needs to go to truly understand how incredible that place is.

The Masters always has so many twist and turns with the lead changing. From balls landing in the water or balls landing on greens and coming back off the front of the greens. I just enjoy watching and hope to make it there to Augusta some day.

Every time I watch the Masters I think of OH. He could make it come alive with his stories from Augusta. Me and my wife attended on a Friday about 14 years ago. She did not play golf at the time but had as much fun as me. I think it inspired her to take up the game.

Billy…what a wonderful tribute to your brother.

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Augusta National Golf Club is, indeed, a magical place. The attention to detail is incredible and the grounds themselves are immaculate. If a piece of paper hits the grass, it is picked up by the patrons or the people working at the Tournament. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is on their best behavior.

You, and I mean any golf fan, can feel the history and past of the days gone by. They honor the past and are blazing a trail for future of the game of golf.

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Thank you Brother, it was a very special day and am so glad this stinking virus didn’t rob of us of reliving those Memories.

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I have been lucky enough to go to Augusta National four times. Three times for tournament round play, once for practice rounds. There are so many wonderful memories. The grounds themselves are beyond verbal description. The organization of the event is breathtaking. I enjoyed the cheap white bread pimento cheese sandwiches!

One memory I’ll never forget is sitting in the grandstand of the practice area and watching Tiger practice. He methodically hit every club in the bag…9 shots each. Low straight ball. Low right to left. Low left to right. Same thing at a medium flight. Then a high flight. It was awe inspiring.

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I can hit all those shots, too. I just can’t call them. In fact they generally do the opposite of what I’m looking for.

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A great Saturday so far. Enjoyed a gym workout followed by watching the Masters and the then the Hogs! It seems so surreal to be watching the Masters in November. It’s DJ’s tournament so far.


The Australian Cam Smith has a wonderful touch around the green. When I saw him putt in the President’s Cup, it was clear that he had a magical putting stroke and feel on greens. I thought then, it could be a putting stroke that would work at Augusta National. Yup.

Wasn’t the Masters a special place for Broyles too?

Both of my parents died of cancer. And my dog. Cancer sucks.

I’m not surprised by Ancer either, he was very impressive in the President cup especially against Tiger.

The Masters is spiritual the moment you walk on the grounds… great story about the time spent with your brother on those grounds.

Broyles was a member.

Broyles was not only a member, but back in the 70’s presented the green jacket–or hosted the presentation since the previous year’s champion actually puts in on the winner.

I thought so. I saw him do that. Not in person of course (no pun intended), on TV.

Didn’t the U of A pay Coach Broyles annual dues?

I think the Razorback Foundation (or whatever its predecessor was called) paid them for a while.