Very Surprised By Drive up to KC

Went up with my son to visit the Dental School at UM in Kansas City for their preview day for this falls 1st years class.
I can’t believe the growth up the Hwy 71/I-49 corridors up from Fayettville to Bella Vista! Wow! I have not been up that way in many years, and was amazed by the new businesses and stuff I saw.
Second, the drive thru Missouri is boring until outside of KC. There’s nada up thru that area between Joplin and KC.
Loved KC! Food was great and we had a blast looking for apartments and places to live. Lots to do up there. Looking forward to visiting over the next 4 years.

Congrats to your son. I was between UMKC and LSU, where I am currently. I love Kansas City, and have family there, it’s a great place. Loved the area that the Dental School is in.

Agree on drive to KC is boring. Made it several times to visit Megan’s family in Nebraska.

Lots of nice golf courses up there. Winter stone is one of my favorites.

He’s going to need a good driving range and golf course to blow off some stress from school. And he’s a scratch player, so good to know a lot of options up there for golf.

Off topic, but posting here for all of you Dentist-types because I’ve been going back and forth about this with one of my HS buddies who’s been a dentist for many years. Just a random joke I came across and shared with him.

Dentist, to patient in his chair: “Sorry…but this is going to hurt a bit”

Patient, whose mouth is propped open with dental hardware, gives the dentist a nod and a thumbs up.

Dentist: “Well, I’m sleeping with your wife…”

Please…no “low hanging fruit” responses involving either drilling or fillings…


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Haha, I like it

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