Very Superstitious

I was so glad to see Coach B go against his superstitions and get rid of that non-porous, sweat producing wind-breaker and wear something different. I was worried that his body temp was going to cause him to have a heat stroke! But, he is superstitious and I get that. I am very superstitious! I buy a new t-shirt at the beginning of each season unless we won the last game of the previous season. In that case, I have to wear that shirt from the last game. I always wear the same t-shirt and sit in the same spot on the couch until we lose. Then I have to buy a new shirt at Hogman’s Hogpen where they know me by name and know when I’m coming. Needless to say, I have an incredible collection of Razorback t-shirts that started well before John L. Smith nearly broke me. I also have to have my hand in the same position on the armrest BEFORE the snap or we could be in trouble. This year, I am banning all superstitious activity which is scary for me. For the FAMU game I sat in an entirely different room on a bed with no armrests and I wore a plain t-shirt. Result: Win 49-7. This could be the answer to our season! I’m curious (and I’m sure my wife is). Am I the only one that goes through weird game-day superstitions or rituals?

Well, I am superstitious, but I don’t necessarily have any rituals. I’ve just become very cognizant that the Hogs win every game I don’t watch live. This doesnt mean, however, that they lose every game I do watch live. I want to watch all of the games live, but I also want to win a national championship. Thoughts/solutions?

Not crazy, I have the same issues. I have to eat the same thing, wear the same thing, sit in the same place, and since 07 talk on the game thread during the game. I also record the game, whether I’m actually watching it or not. If we win, I’ll watch it again the next day. If we lose, I delete it and make sure the next game I do everything the same.

By the way, my birthday is in November, if we have a game in either basketball or football at Fayetteville, we win.

My birthday is also in November Bakedhog. I usually ask for a new t-shirt.


:lol: That’s good Matt.

Good tune from the past. Thanks.

I used to wear the same shirt in final rounds of golf tournaments. Until my dad told me I’d never won in it. I wore a pink Munsingwear shirt (penguin) next week and I won. He convinced me that shirts have nothing to do with anything but I did wear that pink shirt for final round of tournaments for a long time.

It’s bad luck to be superstitious.

lol! Good one!

Hearing the word superstitious always makes me think of this clip.


I stole that from a friend. :slight_smile:

My wife thinks I’m stupid to be superstitious, but she reads horoscopes! Her sign was Cancer and it’s quite ironic how she died really…
She was attacked by a giant crab.

Best post of the day ! WPS