Very stupid question, how do you vote in the poll?

Maybe I clicked on something accidentally already and that is why I can’t see how to vote. But in any event, I can’t figure out how to vote (and I fully expect a “oh my goodness, I can’t believe I couldn’t see that” type of moment here shortly).

Each option at the top (“Only if we don’t get caught”, etc.) has a button beside it. Click the button you want to select. If you’ve already voted, it will only show the poll results and not the buttons. So nobody can stuff the ballot box.

Well I guess I accidentally hit one. I have no idea which one I voted for!

Try again. It seems that when I locked it to prevent further comments, I also blocked voting. :oops: But that has now been corrected. If you can’t vote here, you can vote on the Lounge :slight_smile:

I hope you accidentally hit “none of the above.” For the life of me, I can’t figure what options exist other than the 3 given. Either you cheat or you don’t & if you do, you can only hope not to get caught.

I figured that somebody might have some nuanced view of ethics/morality that wouldn’t quite fit into one of those categories, so that’s why I included that one.