Very strange sighting

I saw a very strange sight as I was making my way out of TD Ameritrade Park. A fan going the other way passed me. He was wearing an LSU purple tee shirt, complete with Geaux Tigers in yellow. AND … He was CALLING THE HOGS!!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. In conference its like the
Hatfields and McCoys. They would tear each other apart and not
even offer up any spit if their opponents were on fire. Pure animus.
One the flip side, outside the conference its like “you mess with my
family you mess with all of us!”

This conference seems to be committed to US against the world and
will root for a member over any outsider. That is one of the things
I think make the SEC so amazing. We may not always play nice with
out brothers and sisters, but at the end of the day we are family and
we stick together.

Just my opine, but also how I root for teams as well. If the Hogs can’t
win, then let it be another SEC team. SEC above all others.

I also think that we do not have any real hated rivals in the SEC so many fans of other SEC teams are ok rooting for us when their team is not in it. It will be another badge of honor for the the conference if the SEC can get another team to win a baseball NC to show that we are not a top heavy conference.

Drinking does that to folks! :smiley:

: :

:lol: :lol:

I got messages last night from Aggies and MSU. Both were, How Bout Them Hogs. Go hogs.

I got a congratulatory e-mail and Go Hogs from a guy who played football for South Carolina. He was also pretty gracious after we knocked them off in the super-regionals. A Vandy grad has also had some nice things to say about the Hogs.

I work with people who graduated from several other SEC schools, and none of them have had anything bad to say about the Hogs.

Honestly the only SEC people I know that you can generally count on to root against another conference school are Bama/Auburn and Ole Miss/State. Not conference, but Clemson/South Carolina is pretty heated, too.